Hugo Boss Black For Spring

Spring has long since sprung in the fashion world and designers are already thinking about Christmas. The humble shopper, however, only knows that the air feels fresher and warmer; that it is time to put the dark colours away and turn to Black — Hugo Boss Black.

The Everything Line

Hugo boss black from Simply includes every item required in a man or a woman’s wardrobe. The accessories, perfume, shoes, and the clothing are all there. Mix and match them, or let the images on the Hugo Boss website suggest how they should be combined.

Remember to keep some texture in the look but not to overdo it: HB loves texture. They also veer away from anything garish, leaning instead towards soft colours which, though familiar, are not the same shades of pink and blue you might have seen last spring.

Finally, whatever you buy, the “Hugo Boss” name guarantees it will be of high quality.

Ladies and Gentlemen

HB Black wants you to enter your next meeting looking stunning. Skirts sit above the knee, but are not “minis” in the party-dress sense. They show just enough leg to be feminine, but a woman maintains her professional presence. Jackets cut into the middle just a little, for shape. This year, pair your suit coat with a collared shirt open for a casual look, or wear a crew-neck plain shirt instead.

The men will be doing the same a la Miami Vice. Remember the shirt and jacket style? Well, it came back, only not in hot pink. Loafers are still in where men are concerned. HB is into stretch fabrics for the ladies’ wear, but also for men. They offer you a stretch cotton sports coat in powder blue and they even suggest wearing it with deep red trousers. HB dares you to be brave, bringing some life back to the world after the dreary days of winter.

Re-introduce pale blue, medium green, or vivid orange to your working day. If you fear it is too early to put black away entirely, keep the black wool pencil skirt or pants. Mostly, men are wearing ties these days, but also the occasional rebellious woman. You can set your shoes by what tie you plan to wear any given day: maybe something in diagonal blue and orange stripes, or a textured red, perhaps navy silk. Most ties are a moderate 6 to 7.5 centimetres wide, but the 5-centimeter skinny tie gives the impression of reluctant conformity; as though this item could come off at any time.